Red Giant’s Effects Suite 11.1 contains nine essential products to give you the creative freedom to produce Hollywood-caliber special effects. After being used for films like Avatar and Super 8, Effects Suite gives you the power of Hollywood on your own desktop. With over 70 individual tools, you can create the next blockbuster easily to shine their creative expression. And with this package, you will get great savings when purchasing 9 products individually, eliminating money pits that affect many Hollywood productions.

Effects Suite gives you creative freedom and your work a truly professional appeal. From Volumetric to a credible appearance cartoon luminous flares, these are everyday tools for distinctive visual effects. The Effects Suite software has been used in feature films such as Titanic, Star Wars and Bourne Identity, and the package includes supplements that have served the community of visual effects for years. This package of more than 50 add- ons provides a ton of energy savings of nearly 50% of their individual cost. 

Package includes:
Assistant compound 
Image Lounge 
Knoll Light Factory 
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