Designed exclusively for OS X Yosemite, Fantastical 2 includes powerful features such as an engine incredibly intuitive grammatical analysis, a complete calendar window (overlooking day, week, month and year), a mini window quick access, support for reminders iCloud, time zone support and much, much more. 

New features :
• Beautiful completely new design, exclusively for OS X Yosemite 
• Full calendar window overlooking Day, Week, Month and Year 
• Widget Today, action extension Extension Share of OS X Yosemite 
• Groups Calendar – change calendar quickly with a simple click or automatically, when you arrive or you leave a location 
• Now maps are displayed for your locations
• Reminders of iCloud improved with a separate reminders list and support for reminders geo-fence based location 
• Multiple improvements in engine grammatical analysis, including improvements for events with repetition and support reminders, the ability to add alerts (such as “Meeting at 15 alert 1 hour”), time zones and many other improvements 
• Time zone support including support for floating time zones 
• dark and clear Topics 
• and much, much more!